Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Royal Fox

I'd like to present one of my favorite characters from the ROYAL MENAGERIE:
Tytan, a Fox among foxes.

He's fond of chocolate cake, pumpkin spice donuts, caramel apples, hot chocolate with dollops of whipped cream, and things that go squeak. His favorite color is vermillion (suprise, suprise).

Tytan is very much the gentleman, but has a very dry and rather acidic sense of humor. He is an aspiring social commentator, but he prefers the story form over a dissertation. He would be a very excellent writer, if only he could get past the first page.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hurray for Fall!

I realize Autumn hasn't officially started yet, but cool nights and fading leaves get me so excited for it, I have to skip ahead a little. Besides, now that summer is over, I might as well start celebrating Fall.

While at the bookstore the other day, I came across Moleskine's new color for their journals-cranberry red. Nothing says Fall more than cranberry red journals. I really love the vintagey look of them with their new illustrations (also with a couple of earth colored books):

They'll be coming to the shop soon!

Speaking of writing materials, I've been wanting to do stationary sets for over a year and I finally have had some made! I wasn't sure how they would turn out when I ordered them, and when they arrived, I was almost afraid to look. But, after seeing the way they turned out, I could spend a small fortune on making more postcard sets.

Feel free to stop by the shop, these postcards are up!